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NSN Copyright Clearance Agreement

NSN is requesting your permission to use your copyrighted material as outlined in the U.S. Copyright Law. Our Copyright Clearance Agreement is an agreement with the Copyright owner that gives NSN permission to use your material as outlined below. By signing the agreement you are not transferring your copyright or ownership of the material, only giving NSN permission to use your material in the formats requested.

An agreement between National Storytelling Network, Inc., 8900 N. Flintlock Road, Missouri, 64157, referred to hereafter as “NSN” and the contributor, referred to hereafter as Client / or Provider:

Name: (Provider/Client):
Address: (Provider/Client):
Email Address (Provider/Client):
Phone # (Provider/Client):


National Storytelling Network (NSN) celebrates the art of storytelling in all its traditional and modern forms. Through NSN, a range of services and exposure are offered to assist NSN members and the public in sharing their work. Those formats may include audio recordings, written works, photographs or other visual works, audio-visual works, or a combination of any of these; and may be captured in electronic format, hard copy format, or both.


NSN intends to use some of these services, beginning on        , 20__, (date NSN usage begins) to use and display an (article/story/ photographs or other visual works, audio-visual works, or a combination of any of these) with the title of __________________________________________________________.


In exchange for use of these services, Client agrees to the following:

  1. Client promises and warrants that Client will only include in the submission any work, in whole or in part, in which Client owns the copyright or has obtained any permission needed to include such items.  (Such works might include textual material, photographs or artwork, or music.)
  2. Client will not include in the submission any material that infringes the rights of another person or entity, such as trademark, privacy, or publicity rights.
  3. Client understands that NSN staff may be able to provide legal information about the rights covered by this Agreement but is not able to provide legal advice.
  4. Client understands that NSN will not claim copyright or any other rights in the submission, other than those described in this Agreement.
  5. Client will allow NSN to retain one or more copies of the submission, made at NSN’s expense, for inclusion in its collections.
  6. Client promises and warrants to NSN that Client has the right and authority to enter into this Agreement.
  7. Client will indemnify NSN against any losses, liabilities, damages, or costs resulting from any breach of, and any third-party claims relating to, Client’s statements and warranties in this Agreement
  8. Client acknowledges that Client understands the terms of this Agreement.